Mission Statement

The mission of the United Esan Organization (U.E.O) in Houston, Texas is to preserve and promote Esan culture, heritage, unity, harmony and provide a platform to economically empower, educate and unite its members.

Vision Statement

The goal of the United Esan Organization (U.E.O) in Houston, Texas is to establish a community center where members and other groups within the community can receive services such as health and wellness information, welfare, social and cultural services, after school activities for children, and a library.


The United Esan Organization (UEO) in Houston, Texas has a history that spans over 20 years. It was founded in 1979 and has evolved into an organization of vitality and diversity. It is a proudly Esan institution that reaches out to all people. UEO is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the overall wellbeing and values of Esan people through its programs and services to individuals, groups, and families.

The UEO is the agency responsible for informal Esan education, recreation, health & fitness, cultural and communal programs and activities. It encourages Esan people to understand and express the meaning of belonging to the Esan community and vis-à-vis their relationship to the host communities.

The Esan House serves as a common meeting ground for all Esan people, a place where diversity of thinking and expression is respected and encouraged. In keeping with its Esan values, the UEO is committed to enhancing the general welfare of the Esan community and the community at large.