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WHERE AS the General Assembly has repeatedly requested  membership  privileges  and  the  Board  and the Executive agreeing with the General Assembly deliberated the need for membership benefits and resolved  that  the  following are  the  most  pressing  areas  that  need  addressing  at  this time;

REALIZING that all members of the Organization are equal and  all  UEO  members  shall  have  equal  rights to equal benefits as defined  in  UEO constitution  as  long  as  each  member  meets  the  rules and agrees  to  equal  financing of the  benefit package as  set  forth  by  the  regulations  below;

REALIZING that the Organization ratified a benefit package on February 11, 2001, and  that  the Organization cannot fulfill all the desired needs of Members at this point  in  our  history,  the  BOARD  AND THE EXECUTIVE constituted a committee to  review  and  amend  the  benefit  package  as  ratified  on  February  11,  2006  and Members of the Committee having executed their duties, and the Board and The Executive accepting their recommendations present the following amendments and rules for ratification by the General Assembly:


A.                            Qualified Active Member:

For purposes of the Benefit Rules and Regulations, a qualified active member is a member  in  good  standing  and shall:

  1. Attend at least two-third of all regularly scheduled General  Assembly meetings  in the  current  fiscal year  (June  1st   of each  year to  May 31,  of the  following  year);
  2. All qualified members who joined the organization on or  before  February  11,  2001, when the original benefit package was ratified, shall pay  dues  and  levies  in  full  from June  2006  to present;
  3. All qualified  new  members  who  joined  the  organization  after February  11,  2001, when the original benefit package was ratified, shall pay dues  and  levies for the  fiscal year preceding the date  they joined the    In  addition,  they  shall  be  current in  their  payments  of dues  and  levies  thereafter; and
  4. To be eligible for any benefit under these rules, each member shall pay $100.00 annually towards the benefit package. Each member who is a member of the organization when the $100.00 rule was effected shall pay $100.00 each year from the date the rule was effected. (The $100.00 rule came into effect in January 2004. It was extended to 4/2004). All new members shall pay $100.00 towards the benefit package as of the date of their joining the organization.