Section  1:  Members shall be

 Any Male indigene of a Local Government Area (LGA) falling  within  the  boundaries  of Esan Land of &lo State of Nigeria.

Section 2:  Active Member(s) (same as Member{s)  in  Good Standing) shall   be

 All members as defined in Section l above shall submit  a  one-time,  non-refundable  application fee of $25.00 with his

  • All members who joined the Organization after January 2009 are required to pay the membership registration
  • A potential  member  becomes  a registered  member only  when  his  application  materials  and membership fee are received by the Secretary and approved by the General Assembly.
  • All members who jo_ined the association from inception are exempted from paying membership registration fee but will be required to complete and submit a membership application for UEO records; and
  • Inattendance for not less than two-third of scheduled monthly meetings (Eight (8) meetings) in one fiscal year and pay monthly dues and levies regularly as set forth in the constitution, on a contingent and or on as agreed upon by the Executive or the General

Deregistration and Re-registration

 A UEO member(s) who has/have been de-registered and  need  to  re-register shall pay a  fine of $50 plus the prevailing registration fee and payment of all dues owed to the Organization up to the  time  that/those  member(s)  last attended  the  UEO  meeting/or from the  time a notification  letter was sent from  UEO  inquiring about the where-about of such  a member(s).

Section 3:  Associate Member(s) shall be

  • All members as defined in Section 1 above, resident in Houston, Texas, and the World at large, and;
  • Pay dues regularly as set forth in this

Section 4:  Affiliate Member(s) shall  be

  • All Members as defined inSection I above and
  • Are not resident in the City ofHouston, Texas, and its
  • Pay dues, regularly as set forth inthis

Section 5:  Honorary Member(s) shall  be

  • Citizens ofNigeria and/or other non-Nigerians who are interested in the culture and welfare of the Esan
  • Others notincluded in Sections I, 2, 3, & 4

Section 6:  Rights

  • At the General Assembly meetings, all members as defined inArticle III, Sections (2) and (3)above shall have the freedom to speak/contribute to any UEO deliberations/discussions,  the  right  to vote and be voted  for.
  • Only Active Members shall be eligible for election as Officers of the  Organization
  • Only Active Members can formally invite the UEO to any social/cultural and or any other event(s)