Section 2:  DUES 

  • Membership fee shall be payable at the same time the membership Application is
  • Monthly dues shall be payable at the monthly General Assembly meetings unless paid in advance (late payments shall be  accepted).
  • Monthly dues for members shall be $30.00/person.
  • Monthly and membership dues shall be subject to change only by a simple majority of the members present at the second General Assembly meeting following the annual election of

Section 3: Expenses 

  • All expenses of the Organization shall be paid for from the revenues generated as outlined inArticle X of Section  l
  • The Organization shall attempt to make a total yearly contribution (not  to  exceed  5%  of annual net income) to  any  charitable Organization(s) of its choice and  in  what ever proportion(s) of the 5%  of annual  net income as  it deem
  • An endowment fund shall be established for the
  • Thirty five percent (35%) of the Organization’s net income shall be paid into the endowment fund  at the beginning of each fiscal
  • The contribution to the endowment fund shall not exceed 50% of the annual net income of the


Section  1: Privilege
  • Amendments to this constitution are the privilege of the general membership (with voting rights).
  • Amendments to this constitution shall be approved by at least a simple majority vote of the general membership (with voting rights) present at a general meeting during which the amendment(s) was
Section 2:  Ratification 

(a) Ratification of this constitution shall be by at a simple majority of the general  membership  (with voting rights) present at the General Assembly meeting during which ratification was motioned.


Article VI section 3 General Election Procedures and section 4 Eligibility. To amend and read as  follows:

This amendment applies to the Executive and Board  elections.